Ultra-lightweight Construction (CFK) // Picture: ©DLR Braunschweig (CC-BY 3.0)

Lightweight Solutions

The aerospace industry is the driver, area of application and 'nucleus' of the cutting edge technology called Lightweight Construction. Being commissioned by the Ministry for Economics, Labour, Transport and Digitilization of Niedersachsen we are the central coordination unit for all sectors and technologies. Our mission is to support the transfer of technology from the aerospace industry to other sectors.

Niedersachsen offers numerous competencies and experiences as well as new and developing networks and activities. More than 25 institutes and research facilities focus on lightweight solutions with its diverse facettes alone.

The four key regions with different competencies and sectors are:

  • Cluster Stade
  • Cluster Braunschweig/Wolfsburg
  • Cluster Hannover
  • Cluster South-Niedersachsen
Building of the CFK Valley in Stade // Picture: ©CFK Nord


The location Stade is the place of business for the CFK-Valley Stade e.V. Within this network, around 100 companies are gathered that are active in the fields of carbon-fibre composites research and production.

Thus here, at the biggest production site for light constructional components in Europe, Airbus produces its CFK parts for airplanes. At the CFK-Valley Stade Campus, the Private University of Göttingen offers diverse study programmes to train qualified experts for lightweight construction.

In the Research Center CFK NORD, businesses such as DLR, DOW, FIBRE and Olin focus on further development and innovation of the field of CFK. Thus, Stade covers the whole value-added chain of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) from teaching, research and development to production of prototypes and finished products.

Further information about carbon fibre composites and activities at the CFK-Valley in Stade on the Webpage of the CFK-Valley Stade e.V.: www.cfk-valley.com.

The Open Hybrid LabFactory in Wolsburg // Picture: ©Open Hybrid LabFactory e. V.

Open Hybrid LabFactory in Wolfsburg

The Open Hybrid LabFactory produces hybrid lightweight components in an economical and sustainable way.

The public-private-partnership Open Hybrid LabFactory was founded in year 2012 by the Niedersachsen Research Centre for Automotive Engineering (NFF - Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik) of the Technical University of Braunschweig and fellow industry partners.

Within the 'LeichtbauCampus' (the LightweightCampus) of the Open Hybrid LabFactory, production technologies are developed for economical and ecological as well as sustainably suitable large scale productions of hybrid lightweigt compositions from metal, synthetic materials and textiles.

The Open Hybrid LabFactory is financed through the support initiative "ResearchCampus - public-private-partnership for innovation" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In addition, the LightweightCampus is supported by the industry partners, the state of Niedersachsen and the City of Wolfsburg.

Please visit the website for more information: www.open-hybrid-labfactory.de

Contact person

Dr. Henrik Brokmeier
Project Manager
  • Niedersachsen Aviation Hannover
  • c/o LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH
  • Breite Straße 7, 30159 Hannover
  • +49 (511) 35 77 92 - 24
  • +49 (511) 35 77 92 - 20
  • brokmeierniedersachsen-aviation.de

Dr. Henrik Brokmeier

Project Manager Niedersachsen Aviation Hannover

  • Niedersachsen Aviation Hannover
  • c/o LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH
  • Breite Straße 7, 30159 Hannover
  • +49 (511) 35 77 92 - 24
  • +49 (511) 35 77 92 - 20
Dr. Henrik Brokmeier
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Use the Leichtbauatlas/Lightweight Atlas to inform yourself about the actors in Niedersachsen and their offers in the field of lightweight.

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