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The ministry of economy, labour, transport and digitilization in Niedersachsen has launched a digital platform for location marketing. There, the state of Niedersachsen is presented as a location for founders, skilled labours and especially for companies from inland and abroad.

A new element of the website is the interactive Niedersachsen Business Map, in which enterprises and research organizations can be found.

You can find the Niedersachsen Business Map here: www.invest-in-niedersachsen.com/en/focus-sectors/mobility

Contact Person

Daniela Richter
Project Manager International Affairs

Daniela Richter

Project Manager International Affairs Niedersachsen Aviation Hamburg-Harburg

Daniela Richter is the contact person for companies in the region. One of her core acitivies is consulting and business development including funding opportunities especially for small and medium-sized companies (SME).

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