Technology Networks in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen has access to globally unique and regional networks in aviation and aerospace, and to related areas of the mobility economy. These inlcude especially:

CFK Valley Stade e.V.

This network gathers the best partners for carbon fiber light construction technology in the world. The resulting concentration of expertise, extending over the entire value creation chain and beyond, unleashes a powerful force for innovation from which all participants profit. The result is technological innovation and thus advantages in the competition for customers and market shares. The internationally oriented CFK-Valley Stade e.V. has already borne the seal of quality "member of" since 2003 and is thus already today one of the most important networks in Germany.

Research Airport in Braunschweig

The Forschungsflughafen Braunschweig GmbH is an initiative for the promoting of the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg airport technology location. Related organizations from industry, supervisory authorities, services, air traffic, research and development, teaching and consulting have merged to form an overarching forum in the Forschungsflughafen GmbH.

Niedersachsen Innovation Center

The Niedersachsen Innovation Center is one of the main elements of Niedersachsen's business development. It supports the economy of Niedersachsen in developments and innovations. The Innovation Center is an independent supporter of strategies and technologies from the Niedersachsen State Government that establishes sectoral and cross-sectoral economic development networks in order to set impulses in economical, scientific and political developments as well as in trend-setting key technologies. Therefore, it optimizes the technology transfer and supports the companies of Niedersachsen in implementing and developing their technological and social innovation projects.

Manufacturing Innovations Network e.V.

The network at the location Varel is a common integration- and partner platform for the technology sector of machining. The goal of the Manufacturing Innovations Network is:

  • The common development of innovative products
  • Targeted transfer of know-how and information
  • Build up of new business contacts and -sectors
  • Access to new markets within the international competition

Go digital with us! The Center for Niedersachsen and Bremen

„Go digital with us! The Center for Niedersachsen and Bremen“ wants to bring the 'Industrie-4.0-Know-how' to the middle classes and thus strenthen the competitivness of the enterprises.

Apart from the extensive information materials, the center offers small and medium-sized enterprises a comprehensive demonstrations-, training- and support opportunities in order for them to implement their own projects. Niedersachsen and Bremen wish to realise almost 500 briefings with companies, 250 trainings and 70 workshops in the whole region in the years 2016 to 2018. Ten training factories are currently in the pipeline, one of them at the exhibition center in Hannover.

Practised Lightweight Construction in Mechanical Engineering (Limax)

Limax is a network for companies and institutes that introduce special knowledge and interdisciplinary competencies within the diverse sectors of lightweight solutions. The task therefore is to network actors from applied research with actors from companies, to pick up their competencies and bring the new project ideas to an application maturity within a coordinated cooperation.

Lightweight construction is known as one of the most modern key technologies to correspond to the challenges of energy- and material efficiency and to increase the performance and productivity of machines and facilities. It is important to develop structures with a mass as small as possible and decrease the weight of individual building components in order to achieve high stability and low consumption of auxiliaries with reduced- or innovative material usage.

The network means a measurable asset for the participants - as the actors alone are often confronted with the limits of their staff or their know-how.


As an associated institute of the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, OFFIS has, since its formation in 1991, converted scientific know-how from computer science into prototypes which are then further developed into marketable products by economic partners. Hereby, OFFIS provides research and prototype developments for companies and institutions – and this at the highest international level. Energy, health, and transportation – these are the three application-oriented research and development divisions that are now the OFFIS structure.