How competitive is the european aerospace supply industry?

New aerospace study about the internationalization and the competitiveness of the german and french supplier industry by h&z and Kea & Partner.

Cover of the latest supplier study // Picture: ©h&z

"The supply industry has played a major role in Airbus' speed of growth and increased delivery performance from 2012 to the present day.“ This is one of the findings of the new aerospace study by h&z Unternehmensberatung in cooperation with its French "sister" Kea & Partner. „But especially in Germany, the dependence on Airbus programs is enormous, almost always greater than 80%.“, according to Michael Santo, CEO at h&z.

The study

In recent months, the international aerospace team of the Transformation Alliance under the leadership of Michael Santo and Sébastien Maire has conducted a comprehensive study on the competitiveness of the German and French aerospace supply industry in the run-up to the ILA 2018 in Berlin. In this context, more than 140 companies were analysed and evaluated. Since h&z had already carried out a study according to this logic in 2012, the developments of the last 5 years could be quantified and future trends derived.

The key messages

The rate reduction of the A380 to 0.8 units per month and the low demand for the A400M have led to overcapacities in Germany and France, particularly in the aerostructure sector (including fuselage/wings/tail fins), which cannot compensate for the increased rates in the A320 programme.

As a result, competitive pressure is increasing steadily and significantly. In addition, competition in 2012 was still predominantly regional or European, today there is genuine global competition with players from the USA and Asia, who are also winning significant orders from German and French companies to date.

The competitiveness of German and French companies has decreased measurably over the last 5 years, and now more than 50% of companies no longer meet the slightly increased requirements of OEMs and large Tier 1 companies.

Only those companies that accept global competition and position themselves internationally (e.g. with locations in Asia and/or North America) will be viable in the medium term.

The complete study can be found at "Files".

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