New management consulting north-south axis established: QRelation Management and PULSAR Consulting Group

The cooperation between the two consulting companies should improve the local proximity to the customers.

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"Our customers are located throughout Germany and we want to improve our local proximity to them. We also see a great advantage in being able to better maintain our existing networks both north and south. In the end, this brings a decisive advantage for our customers," says Stefan Karstens, CEO and founder of QRelation.

"QRelation has already been involved in exciting aerospace and defence projects in the south of Germany. Furthermore, the region offers the best infrastructure in which interesting and innovative companies with a need for our agile and sophisticated project solutions are located," adds Stefan Heinsohn, CFO and founder of QRelation.

With the expansion of the PULSAR partnership, the QRelation team is continuously pursuing its growth targets as well as its culture of active cooperation. The roots of the QRelation are clearly in the world of the aviation industry. But various methods, the care as well as the pragmatism of aviation can easily be successfully transferred to other industries.

For questions and further interest please contact Mr. Stefan Karstens on XING or LinkedIn.

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 Friday, 03 May, 2019  11:11 [220 days]
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