Initiative Supply Chain Excellence presents the Study for Germany as a location for Aviation Industry as well as actions to support the Aviation Supply Industry

The nationwide initiative of the German Aviation Unions, Clusters and Initiatives called "Supply Chain Excellence" presented the outcomes of a study for Germany as a Location for Aviation Industry during the ILA Berlin Air Show. The results will be integrated in the bundle of measures to particularly improve the competitiveness of medium-sized subcontracters and suppliers.

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An extensive study was conducted by the Initiative of Supply Chain Excellence on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy in spring 2016 in order to position the German aviation suppliers. Within the process, 2.300 businesses in six research commodities were identified. The commodities are "Structure", "Cabin", "Systems", "Engineering/Testing/Research", "Manufacturing Systems and Laser Equipment Engineering" as well as "MRO" .

The German Aviation Supply Industry has over 100.000 employees and registers an annual turnover of more than 30 billion EUR. Due to the selected systematics and the close collaboration within all unions and clusters, for the first time ever the initiative could show the comprehensive overview of the businesses within the aviation brance that represent the full value added chain from the aircraft manufacturers (OEM) to downstream value added chains. The surveys were conducted by specific unions and clusters within the regions that have close contact to the local establishments.

"Niedersachsen Aviation" and the bavarian aviation union "bavAIRia" are both leading the program office of the initiative and coordinate the inquiry. "The study clearly shows the vast amplitude and profoundness of the offer of German Aviation Supply Industry today," says Norbert Steinkemper, the head of the Programme Office "Nord" of the initiative „Supply Chain Excellence“.
"German suppliers are significantly represented in nearly all parts of the industry. But at the same time, big challenges are to be coped within the structural changes in order to stay competitive in the future."

The results of the study convict the initiative with a comprehensive bundle of measures which can be used by the companies to receive specific offers to handle the structural change. Unions, State and Federal States of Germany as well as representatives of the industry are currently developing the fundamentals for the implementation.

The measures are carried out within six fields of activities, each under the authority of one specific union. "Niedersachsen Aviation" manages the field "Business Models" and has already begun with the implementation. On June 28th, the first of the series of workshops for the development of a "Quick-Check" for business model analysis for steakholders took place. Companies interested in taking part in the development of such "Quick-Check" Tool can get in touch with Mr. Norbert Steinkemper.

Furthermore, additional measures have begun in the fields „Sales & Operations Planning“ (lead management by bavAIRia e.V.), "Cooperations" (lead management by the LRBW e.V.), "Financing" (lead management by BDLI) as well as "Internationalization" (lead management by Hamburg Aviation e.V.) and "Industrial Performance" (lead management by Hanse Aerospace e.V. and SPACE Germany). Amongst others, the planning has begun in many companies in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) for the implementation of the improvement projects for "SPACE".

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