Aerodata: First ATR-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft delivered to Pakistan

This delivery represents a major milestone for Rheinland Air Service as the prime contractor and Aerodata as the key project partner.

ATR-72 during flight test at Braunschweig Airport // Foto: ©Aerodata

In the second quarter 2018, the first ATR-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft has been delivered to the Pakistan Navy – after completing intensive ground and flight tests.

Rheinland Air Service had signed the contract with the Pakistan Navy in 2015 to convert two ATR-72 aircraft already owned by the Pakistan Navy into Maritime Patrol Aircraft. Rheinland Air Service as the prime contractor performs the overall project management, acquisition of key components, all physical aircraft modification work and pilot training.

Aerodata’s scope of work includes the delivery of its mission management system AeroMission®, all system integration activities, engineering tasks to convert the ATR-72 from the transport into a maritime patrol configuration, delivery of parts for the aircraft modification as well as customer training and support. Work on the project commenced in January 2016 after export approvals had been received from the Government authorities.


Core of the Maritime Patrol Aircraft is Aerodata’s mission management system AeroMission®, which has been enhanced substantially for this project. AeroMission® is characterized by its scalable architecture. On board the ATR-72, the mission system is implemented on multiple work stations and two cockpit information displays.

Sensors / subsystems on the ATR-72 aircraft include a 360° AESA search radar, electronic support measures (ESM), self-defense measures, Stores Management System, an acoustic processing system and an EO/IR sensor. A comprehensive communication suite enables secure voice and data communication with ground stations and other assets of the Pakistan Navy.

All sensors and subsystems are fully integrated in AeroMission®, therefore all data are made available to the four operators and provide the required situational awareness for cabin and cockpit crew. Further – depending on the task assignment – operators can control the sensors through the AeroMission software.

In the meantime, modification work on the second aircraft has commenced; delivery to the Pakistan Navy is scheduled for the first quarter 2019.



 Friday, 13 July, 2018  15:10 [1 year]
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