AutoGyro in production of 1,500th MTOsport

MTOsports cracks record

MTOsport // Picture: ©AutoGyro

What has started in 2003, is a success story „made in Germany“. Back then, AutoGyro has developed and built its first MT-03 and obtained its registration immediately the following year. Since then, this gyro model, which was named MTOsport in 2010, has been developed further and made a real and uncomparable career. In these days, the 1,500th of its kind will be produced in AutoGyro‘s factory halls at the Airport Hildesheim. From there, it will be delivered to China, where its owner and pilot will welcome the jubilarian.

The MTOsport is considered to be the originator of gyroplanes. The open tandem-seater has already flown with James Bond in „You only live twice“ and, with its unique flight characteristics, it embodies both, lifestyle and aviation history.

Just in spring 2017, the world market leader from Germany presented its youngest advancement of the MTOsport and set new international benchmarks with technical novelties and innovative design highlights.

Altogether, more than 2,500 AutoGyros are flying around the globe. deviding into the three models MTOsport, Calidus and Cavalon. The fact that far more than half of the production is filled by the MTOsport, shows the popularity of the open and pure flying experience.

But most notably, 1,500 MTOsports worldwide is an ode to the product quality of the manufacturer, whose production numbers are standing out of the crowd. „We are very proud,“ says Ulli Gehling, CEO of AutoGyro. „Proud of our team, proud of our evolution, and proud of loyal partners, pilots and friends.“

The anniversary aircraft with the production number 1,500 will be delivered this very year and will have to travel a long time, as its owner lives and flies in China. No problem for the MTOsport - it is a real record holder on an international standard.

The original press release is available here.

  • MTOsport // Picture: ©AutoGyro
  • MTOsport // Picture: ©AutoGyro
  • MTOsport // Picture: ©AutoGyro
 Thursday, 23 November, 2017  11:36 [2 yrs]
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