Seminar Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing Airport started its operation as of September 2019. It is a major national airport and designed to be the largest in Asia.

Bild: © Shi Jiamin / VCG / Getty Images

More significant than an airport alone, the total of 150 km2 area will become a major home base to China's aviation industry, including not only transport and logistics segment, but also high-tech manufacturing, maintenance, training and education, R&D as well as aviation finance. Given the fact that China is becoming the largest aviation market of the world, and China's own aviation industry still has huge shortage in technical and service suppliers of high standard, Beijing Daxing International Airport is becoming an unique platform where European companies in the aviation sector can land and sour into sky of business opportunities in China.

International Aviation Support is officially recognised as Service Center by various aircraft, engine and avionics manufacturers. This ensures optimal support and a highly professional result. The seminar takes place on 20 November 2019 in Cologne, Germany. During the seminar, leaders of the local area of Beijing Daxing International Airport will make a thorough introduction, and your company can be introduced as well as your possible interests in the airport will be discussed. For more information please see the Agenda.

 Montag, 18 November, 2019  20:22 [25 days]
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