Cluster of Excellence Symposium

After its successful start in January 2019, the Cluster of Excellence “Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Aviation (SE²A)” invites you to its first symposium taking place on the 21st and 22nd October 2019.

Bild: © SE²A

The symposium aims to bring together experts in the fields of

• Sustainability in Aviation
• Energy and Propulsion Systems
• Aircraft Concepts and Technologies

This first symposium aims to provide an overview of the Cluster’s main research topics and to share the approacheswith the scientific community and stakeholders from industry, partner institutions, and politics. It shall also provide an opportunity to discuss the scientific approaches and receive new impulses to further develop the strategic Cluster road map. Therefore, invited talks by representatives from industry and international partners (e.g. Airbus, TU Delft) will give an insight to research outside the Cluster. This symposium is the first of a series and will be repeated annually. The social event following the lecture programme of the first day will provide an opportunity for exchange and networking.

 Freitag, 18 Oktober, 2019  15:17 [51 days]
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