CFK Stade Convention: Call for papers

Experience and develop the top issue „CFRP Market Trends & Innovations - for OEMs & Suppliers" at 12th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention – the yearly networking platform and expert forum on the topic of CFRP and lighweight constructions.

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Call for papers

Main topic 2018: "Composite Innovations for Global Mobility" Submit your abstract for one of the following sessions:

  • Smart Cities and Countryside of the Future The first part will give an outlook into the future: What are the requirements for the future in cities and on the countryside and what can (carbon) composites contribute.
  • Newest Outstanding Composites Innovations Here real outstanding innovations are going to be presented which will have a high impact on the global mobilty. The jury will select the best presentations based on the call for papers.
  • Global Mobility: The Human The third session will start with mobility of the human, which means overcoming of handicaps by means of carbon composites and activities in our free time and sports where composites can play an important role.
  • Global Mobility on Earth Global mobility on earth covers the usage of composites in trains, trucks and automobiles.
  • Global Mobility in the Air In this session it is going to be talked about the future requirements of the aerospace industry, the contribution from the partner country China and a path how to realize.

Submit your Paper by January 12th, 2018. For the official form please click here. Speakers participate for free at the whole event (1 person per lecture). Travel expenses will not be refunded.

 Freitag, 17 November, 2017  11:35 [2 yrs]
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