Conference on Defence skills and Dual Use Technologies

Save the date: besides discussing actions in support of skills for Europe's defence industry there will also be a workshop dedicated to explore possible cooperations.

The event will bring together companies, clusters, national & regional authorities and academia to discuss actions in support of skills for Europe’s defence industry and how the European Structural & Investment Funds could contribute to this. Skills are also crucial for the success of cross-border collaborative projects in the framework of the European Defence Fund. This is why this event will also include a workshop dedicated to explore possible cooperation in line with the 2020 work programme of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme.

Topics will include: (i) Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and early warning capabilities; (ii) Robotics and autonomous UAS capabilities in non-segregated operational environment, including high speed systems and safe medical evacuation; (iii) Innovative aerial image and videos processing systems through hyperspectral imaging; (iv) Counter-UAS capability based on mini-UAS swarms; (v) Intelligent, dynamic and robust control of the quality of service in hybrid satellite-terrestrial telecommunication networks, including communications for UAVs in beyond line-of-sight applications.

Further information can be found under "Dateien".

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  Donnerstag 14. November 2019