The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT will take place from 18 – 19 September 2019 in Stuttgart.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is an international conference for the European drone industry to explore strategies for the efficient use of UAS. Key figures from the fields of politics, law-making, research, industry and business come together to discuss the way forward for achieving acceptance and devising solutions for the safe and effective commercial use of unmanned aircraft in Europe.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is the European platform for discussing the current needs of the UAS industry, both for newcomers as well as long-time experts. Meetings on special topics cover business models and strategies as well as use cases, whereby the highlights will be:
- Safety and security using UAS as well as counter drone systems
- Integrating UAS into airspace
- Vertical mobility using UAS in urban environments
- Services backed up by UAS – rescue and emergency response services

The top speakers will present different opportunities to connect existing business concepts with boosting new technologies. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is the place to learn how to implement best the advantages of UAS in your business and avoid common mistakes.
Start a dialogue with an eminent network of distinguished drone experts.

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// Foto: © UAV Dach

  Mittwoch 18. September 2019