3rd International Symposium on Hypersonic Flight

The intention is to facilitate mutual understanding by bringing together all interested stakeholders and to promote synergies in furthering the development of hypersonic flight.

R&D of adequate technologies allowing high speed atmospheric flight (Mach 5 and above) is progressing, although at a lower pace if compared to the more pronounced liveliness in space flight, which still remains conditioned by progress of the former for the delicate re-entry phase in the earth atmosphere.

The advancement in the maturity level of enabling technologies for fielding iper-velocity future transport systems is accompanied by an increase in the level of attention and consideration for whatever impact a radical transformation in distance and time concept may have in different but concurring contexts such as flight safety, environment, medicine, air traffic management, etc.

In addition, a new dimension associated with the development of hypersonic flight is strongly emerging from the specialist circles: international security and defense.

The 3rd Symposium aims at developing a dialogue and comparison, starting from the previous editions in 2014 and 2016, as well as a stock-taking of the latest advancements in the area of hypersonic flight among all stakeholders; an open dialogue towards the achievement of possible synergies and innovative modalities fostering cooperation at the national, European and international level.

Access is free, subject to online registration, andno fees are required to attend. The event is made possible by the voluntary contribution of associate members, donations and/or private sponsoring.

Call for papers: You can submit an abstract on any of the topics listed below. You are also requested to attach a brief curriculum vitae.


Day 1

  • Vehicle guidance and control technologies
  • Aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics
  • Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) and plasma aerodynamic flow control techniques
  • Advanced propulsion systems, including component technologies
  • High-temperature materials, thermal protection systems and hot structures
  • Health monitoring and management technologies
  • Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO)

Day 2

  • Overview on national, European and international programs on hypersonic flight
  • Applicable airspace control and management including ground facilities and test techniques
  • National and international norms and regulations including environment protection
  • Promoting synergies and cooperation, at national, European and international level (round table)
  • Potential impact of the development of hypersonic vehicles and weapons on international security at the global as well as regional level (round table)

A scientific committee will examine the abstracts to assess their relevance to the topics and ensure an equitable opportunity for all.

Each presentation will be assigned 20 minutes, including question time (max 5 minutes).

All presentations need to be unclassified. Participation to the symposium includes the authorization to publish presentations on the websites of the Association (www.romadue-broglio.eu, www.hypersonic-portal.eu, www.cesmamil.org), unless expressly objected.

Send abstracts to: segreteriasezioneromadue-broglio.eu

Language: English
Time limit for abstract submission: April 10, 2019
Notification of acceptance: April 20, 2019

For further information have a look at: http://www.romadue-broglio.eu/evento/3rd-international-symposium-on-hypersonic-flight/


For any query, please contact:

Giuseppe Cornacchia, Gen.(r), ItAF, coordinator
Mob. +39 (328) 837 8142

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