DRONE-DAYS Brokerage Event

The unconditional European event for you to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your business as a key professional on the drone market.

For 2019, DroneDay matchmaking event comes back with its 4th edition to bring participants new opportunities to further develop their business in a competitive way via the civil and commercial application and use of drones.

REASONS to COME this year :

  • TECHNICAL CHALLENGES from LARGE ACCOUNTS (check HERE), looking for solutions from innovative, fast reacting SMEs
  • 5-in-1 proposal, including B2B, sales pitch, exhibition, thematic conferences, flight zone (more info HERE) - DUAL USE TECHNOLOGIES
  • transfer from defense drone techs to civil application domains AND vice versa

WHO should participate?

  • Drone companies (service providers, products' manufacturers, etc)
  • Companies active in more traditional sectors

Participant types:

  • Companies / Start-up
  • Universities / Research Centres
  • Associations/Federations
  • Public Authorities/Governmental organisations
  • NGOs
  • Investors / Finance / Business Angels
  • Clusters

WHY participating?

> As a drone company, meet representatives from end-users sectors and discuss win-win collaborations.

> As a company from a more traditional sector, do NOT dismiss a new technology as irrelevant to what you do, since it could turn out to to be a great opportunity … for YOUR competitors !

Register until March 10th, 2019. Registration: https://dronedays-2019.b2match.io/signup

For further information have a look at: https://dronedays-2019.b2match.io/page-191

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