German Canadian Concourse

The GCC 2019 will investigate the readiness of Germany’s and Canada’s industry and research infrastructure for more Artificial Intelligence and their approaches to implement AI into core industrial and societal processes.

AI Landscape in Canada and Germany – A comparison of the two eco-systems in Canada and Germany including an overview of the key players and major trendsetters in the field / Highlight of recent initiatives, existing infrastructure for research and innovation, governmental and private investment, regulatory and ethical aspects. Central elements of the discussion will include:

  • Canada’s AI supercluster initiative for AI in supply chains and the provincial and federal commitments for advancing Canada AI competence
  • Germany’s public private partnership DFKI (German Research Centre for AI) as a platform to transfer AI research into industry
  • Montréal’s leading role in promoting an ethically responsible development of AI
  • Comparison of Canada and Germany with other aspiring nations to lead the AI movement

Certification of AI: Standards for Collaboration – At the example of intelligent mobility, we will discuss the aspect of Artificial Intelligence applications in (safety) critical environments. The discussion will address the need to find standardization and certifications methods to verify the safe behavior of complex systems relying on artificial intelligence which per se is not deterministic. Central aspects will be:

  • Approaches to introduce certification methods in Germany and Canada
  • Challenges imposed by regulations for development and testing of autonomous vehicles
  • Cybersecurity and safety aspects
  • Standardization as enabler for economic exploitation of AI solution and transatlantic cooperation


The GCC convenes in Berlin (Embassy of Canada) and in Montréal (McCarthy Tétrault) for a Transatlantic Symposium, interconnected via video conferencing.

The Networking Reception in Berlin will be hosted at the Permanent Representation of the Federal State of Bremen. The reception in Montréal will be co-hosted at Aviseo Conseil.

The Field Trip in Berlin will be hosted by Smart Data Forum. The Field Trip in Montréal will be hosted by IVADO Labs.


The objective of the GCC 2019 is to provide:

  • An overview of existing transatlantic exchange in the applicable field;
  • A platform to connect and form new or strengthen existing relationships;
  • A physical and virtual space to enable new ideas for collaboration;
  • Material to underpin and spur action in transatlantic relations.

GCC Concept

The German Canadian Concourse is a real-time transatlantic conference series conceived as a platform for exchange among Canadian and German professionals on topics with relevance to both countries. On an annual basis, the GCC convenes at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, and simultaneously at a location in Canada for a daylong event.

The central part of the Concourse is a half-day conference session interlinking the conference venues via video-conference for a true transatlantic discussion, the Transatlantic Symposium. So-called Field Trips organized as satellite events by alternating partner organization allow for a practical insight into the subject matter and stimulate the exchange on the Concourse topic. The GCC offers various networking opportunities and concludes with a Networking Reception.

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  Donnerstag 21. Februar 2019 


Embassy of Canada in Berlin