Aircraft Cabin Refurnishment

Analyzing the key trends and critical supply chain challenges of a strongly growing after-market

Discretionary spending within a healthy aviation industry is currently focused on cabin upgrades and makeovers. According to experts, airline cabin investment will double in 2026, exceeding USD$2 billion. Take a look at the refurbishment market overlook, the technical solutions to offer passenger experience differentiation, and the most critical issues within the cabin upgrade supply chain.

Discuss onsite:

  • VIP aircraft-inspired design for commercial aviation
  • How to align OEMs, MROs, airlines & passenger interests for cabin upgrades
  • How to cut down on refurbishment lead times and costs

Why should you attend?

  • Adjust your strategy with our unique insights on the refurbishment market overlook
  • Improve onboarding and offboarding processes with innovative seating solutions to reduce turnaround times
  • Leverage on passenger experience and fidelity through efficient and innovative PCU units and wireless seat-back systems
  • Find more efficient ways to work with airlines, OEMs and MROs with innovative industry approaches to improve lead times and product R&D

Interactive Sessions:

  • Speed Networking: Maximise your networking outcome at this event by participating in these fast-paced 1-to-1 meetings. Get to know the other attendees and exchange your business cards.
  • Panel Discussion: Steer this interactive panel discussion with your questions to our panel of experts and use the opportunity for further discussion.
  • Round Table Discussions: Choose your main discussion topic and deepen your knowledge in close dialogue with experts by pointed questions.
  • Evening Get-Together: Join our evening Get-Together and take this opportunity to network and make new business contacts. Or just to relax and round off your first conference day.

Conference packages

All prices + VAT

Bronze Package 2 day conference: 2.799 EUR

Silver Package 2 day conference + 1 Workshop: 3.299 EUR

Gold Package 2 day conference + 2 Workshops: 3.599 EUR

Diamond Package 2 day conference + 3 Workshops: 3.899 EUR

Platinum Package 2 day conference + 4 Workshops: 4.199 EUR

For further information have a look at the website: or find the agenda under "Files".

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  Dienstag 04. Dezember 2018 


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