Drones and sensitive sites: Detection, Identification and Countering

The aim of this edition is to analyze threats faced by sensitive sites and the solutions to counter these.

Since 2015, Europe was plagued with reports of drone overflights over sensitive sites. In the current context of security risks and with the operational experience of ISIS adapting UAVs for combat operations the threat is ever more present: Detecting, tracking and neutralizing UAVs therefore becomes essential for any organization or structure responsible for the safety of citizens, sites or areas of operations.

The legal and operating framework will also be addressed through keynote addresses, product presentations, operational feedback as well as live demonstrations.


October 3rd: sensible sites and drones

Sensible sites : UAV threat : context and testimonies

Counter UAV : context by SAFE
Panel 1 : sensitive sites protection : french model – SGDSN, Gendarmerie, Air Force, french Navy, DPID
Counter UAV solutions and Hologarde product by THALES

Counter UAV: Markets and regulation
Panel 2: regulation for counter UAV solution on European sensitive sites : EASA, DGAC, OFAC, SGDSN, UE/DG Grow
Panel 3: UTM and U-Space : a further step for counter UAV : Genève Security department, OFAC, SKYGUIDE, INVOLI, ASD, DGAC, THALES

Participating Sensitive sites : CEA, EDF, ville de Cannes, ville de Marseille, Prisons, French Navy, Air Forces, Military Harbour of Toulon…

Official Dinner: Seminar Awards

October 4th: counter drones


Counter drones solutions and airports uses 

Fligth Operator: Provence RPAS & Altametris/SNCF

Counter-UAV Technologies showcased : MC2, Roboost, JCPX, MyDefense (DK), ATEM, Cerbair, CS, Exavision, Involi (Swiss), ASD, ReinMetall (Ger), Integra (DK), McClic, Droptech (Swiss).

Services providers for airports waiting : Azur Drones, Canard drone (Spain), Flyability (Swiss),UAVIA, Airsight (Ger) …

Drones as Opportunity using : airport use case
Panel 4: Drone opportunity for inspection and control: French Airport Union, Genève Airport, ADP, Aalborg Airport

Specific Workshop : Testimonies of Military and Security forces about Counter UAV uses

Participating Airports: French Airport Union, Genève, Milan, Paris, Avignon, Aalborg, Toulon, Nice, Tel Aviv…


  • Airports and harbours
  • Sensitive sites such as Industrial facilities, Public area, Defense and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Government Security Services and Army
  • Manufacturers developing solutions related to detection, identification and neutralization of drones.
  • Services providers for drone’s uses in airports

Registration is open now at the SAFE cluster website.

For Safe adherents and partner visitors the costs will amount 380€, for other visitors 500€, user speaker are free. The fee will include two days seminar, lunches and official dinner.

For further information please have a look at the Agenda and program or visit the SAFE cluster website.

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