Berlin Aviation Summit

What will the aircraft of the future look like? This question will be answered in one of our program-highlights by our panelists Tom Enders (CEO Airbus) and Patrick Ky (CEO EASA).

The Berlin Aviation Summit is designed as a platform for high-ranking international guests from politics, aviation industry, airlines, agencies and finance, debating this time how digitalisation and energy transition will move the rigid air transport system in order to prepare and shape the global future aviation system. The conference is a joint event of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and the German Center for Aerospace (DLR).

The programme offers several highlights, keynotes and panels, dealing with fundamental topics of future aviation. The panelists Tom Enders (CEO Airbus), Marc Allen (President Boeing Int.) and Sir Tim Clark (President Emirates) will give a glimpse of the next generations of aircraft while Jaiwon Shin (NASA Associate for Aeronautics), Johannes Bussmann (CEO Lufthansa Technik) and Sergey L. Chernyshev (Director General TsAGI) will be talking about possibilities leading to a zero-emission aviation. In a third panel Fang Liu (Secretary General ICAO) and Michael Menhart (Chief Economist Munich Re) will discuss who will shape the future of aviation.

Besides many more honored panelists and guests, Élisabeth Borne, the current French Minister of Transport, as well as the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy were invited to frame the technological and economic conditions and to further the political exchange.

For further information please have a look at the DLR Website

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  Dienstag 24. April 2018